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Entering the Tomb

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The False Door of Sheri


Old Kingdom 4th Dynasty Chief of the Purification Priests of Pharaoh Prieibsen’s Necropolis and Funerary Temple was called Sheri.

The False Door to his Tomb was made of Limestone and was found, with his Tomb, on the Giza Necropolis.

The False Door allowed his deceased spirit to move from his Burial Chamber to receive the offerings left for him during his mortuary rituals.

Granite Statue of God Anubis

The Statue of Ka Dwaw


The Statue of the Nobleman Ka Dwaw were often placed within the Serdab Room during the Old Kingdom Period.

The Room is sealed with only a small opening to allow the burning of incense for the Ka Statuette inside. 

The Reserve Head


Old Kingdom Period Reserve Head which was made from Limestone, these were only placed in Tombs during this period of Ancient Egypt.

Found in Giza and from the 4th Dynasty, it was placed in the deceased’s Tomb opposite the entrance to the Burial Chamber.

The Head was depicted to reflect the looks of the deceased but all of them were without ears. The reasons for this remain currently unknown to us


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