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Pharaoh Tuthmose IV

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Pharaoh reigned for roughly 9 Regnal Years from 1400 to 1390 BC. He was born to Pharaoh Amenhotep II and Great Royal Wife, Queen Tiaa.

As with many of his Crown-Prince predecessors he was educated in his Military Training at the Operational Base at Memphis. From here he once visited the Giza Necropolis and around midday the sun was hot, and he sought shade and fell asleep in front of the paws of the great Sphinx.

He dreamt that the Sphinx spoke to him and said that if the Crown Prince cleared all the gathered sand away from around the Sphinx, then in return Tuthmose would ascend the Throne. Crown Prince Tuthmose did as he was asked and went on to become Pharaoh Tuthmose IV.

On his ascension the Pharaoh erected an Open-Air Chapel which included the Stele which still rests between the front paws of the Great Sphinx of Giza. He ordered this during the first year of his reign to commemorate the Dream he had.

Later in his reign, Pharaoh undertook Military Campaigns in Syria, Canaan, and to quell a revolt in Lower Nubia. As a result, he ended up signing an agreement with Egypt’s long-time foes of the Mitanni although this agreement did not appear to hold. 

In regard to Art and Architecture, Pharaoh Tuthmose IV began to lean towards a style of art that would be echoed in Amarna by his grandson, Pharaoh Akhenaten. He also worried about the power that was being amassed by the Theban priesthood so, with this in mind, he showed a passion for the God Aten, deity of the Sun. Nothing like that of his grandson’s interesting obsession and experiment.

His building achievements included a small Mortuary Temple, memorials in the Capital City of Memphis, his King’s Valley Tomb of KV43, and the Obelisk which now stands in Rome.


The Great Sphinx

The Dream

Valley of the Kings


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