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Horus Temple : Passage of Victory

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Passage of Victory


The Passage of Victory or the Inner Passageway runs continually around the back half of the Temple of Edfu. The Passage is covered in Hieroglyphs from top to bottom with almost story books of the tales between the Deities. These include the Battles that the God Seth was fighting with the God Horus and the Pharaoh. Horus’ Goddess mother, Isis is also present and helps her son in trying to defeat his enemy. Much if not all of this is related to the Legend of Osiris. To learn more about the Legend, click here.

Regrettably many of the Deities faces have been chipped out by the Coptic Christians trying to erase them and their religion.

To one side of the Passage of Victory, the Nilometer of the Temple can be found in an underground corridor. To learn more about Nilometers, click here.

Come with me as I guide you round the Layout of this stunning Temple. To do this, simply click on the part of the Temple below you would like to visit:



The Pylon         The Forecourt         Outer Hypostyle Hall         Inner Hypostyle Hall & Corridor

Inner Sanctum         Passage of Victory & Nilometer         Birth House


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