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The Pharaohs

The People

The Enigmatic Rulers of Ancient Egypt

What is a Pharaoh?

Geographically Outside Egypt:
The Egyptian Ruler is known as King or Pharaoh

Geographically Inside Egypt:
The Deities living representative within the Land

After Death:
Pharaoh becomes a Deity on behalf of Egypt

  • Pharaoh had the jurisdiction to perform all necessary religious rituals on behalf of Egypt as a
    whole which was ennobled on Pharaoh at the Coronation
  • The Coronation Rituals literally re-enacted God Horus’ accession to the Throne of Egypt in place of his father Osiris
  • After Coronation, Pharaoh was the Deities living representative within the Land; and would become a Deity on death
  • Pharaoh was responsible for the maintenance of Ma’at throughout Egypt and this included ensuring the annual flood, the flood’s level and peace throughout the land
  • The collapse of the central government during the now known “Intermediate Periods” were considered times where Pharaoh had failed and Ma’at was no longer ruling throughout the land

The Coronation of Pharaoh was not the creation of a God but the revelation of a God. The Pharaoh was the link between earth and the afterlife.

The Pharaoh’s very breath kept the 2 worlds from crashing together. Pharaoh could be described as half man and half god.

Click on the Image below to view the Pharaohs!

Lesser Known Pharaohs

Who were these Pharaohs who we really do not know that much about in popular Egyptology but without them the more famous Pharaohs would never have existed!

Female Pharaohs

The women who stepped in to the role usually performed by men and often out performed them! Click on the Image to meet not only Cleopatra and Hatshepsut but other successful females

18th Dynasty Pharaohs

The Pharaohs who reigned over the change from, and back to, the Deities who were largly supported during the whole 3,ooo years of Ancient Egypt: including Pharaoh Ahkenaten and Pharaoh Tutankhamun!

19th Dynasty Pharaohs

The Dynasty who was founded by the first Pharaoh called Ramses and includes Pharaohs Ramses the Great, Pharaoh Seti I and Pharaoh Seti II.


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