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The People

Who were Egypt’s Ancient Neighbours?




The Sea Peoples

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They were an amalgamation of peoples from around the Mediterranean Sea who had been drawn together due to Wars and Famines that had forced them to become displaced immigrants.

They formed the group which were termed the Sea Peoples and they battled for everything they needed and travelled everywhere with all their goods.

The Hittites


The Nubians

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King Kashta ruled Nubia from his Capital City of Napata; roughly 400km North from the present Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

He began the Kushite involvement in Egypt by arranging for his daughter, Princess Amenirdis I, to become the next God’s Wife of Amun in the mighty city of Thebes once Pharaoh Osorkon III’s daughter, Princess Shepenupet I, left the post.

This gave future Kushite Royals the thread that connected them legitimately to the Throne of Egypt.

The Assyrians

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Punt, "The Lads of the Gods"

1st expedition to Punt appears to have been during Pharaoh Khufu’s 4th Dynasty reign. By the 12th Dynasty the visits were very frequent, with the last expedition seems to have been sent by Pharaoh Ramses III.

But where is Punt? Its exact location cannot be guaranteed but Egyptologists do know that it was reached by Boat via the Red Sea. It has been suggested that it could be Yemen or the Horn of Africa, but using logic it was probably along the East Coast of Africa: maybe South Sudan, the Eritrean Region of Ethiopia or Puntland State in Somalia.

The Libyans

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