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Roman Items, Sharm Museum

Sharm el Sheikh Museum - Museums

Tanagra Statuettes

Traditonally, Tanagra Statuettes which usually shows girls dressed in Mantles and boys dressed in Military wear. In Egypt these Statuettes depict Women and Girls with musical instruments, writing implements or with their Pets. Men and Boys are shown in Military wear which reflect the large military parades which took place in Alexandrian streets in which the marchers wore bright armour. In Alexandria, the Tanagra Statuettes seem to have been made and then given as a votive offering in to the Tombs of Alexandria. The Statuettes are named Tanagra after the town of the same name. 

Stag Hunt Mosaic Floor

This Stag Hunt Mosaic Floor is from the Ptolemaic Period and found in Alexandria, and depicts 3 Erotes hunting a Stag. The Scenes is outlined with Wild and Mythical animals which include Lions, Bulls, Leopards, a Gazelle, Griffins and Tigers. This Mosaic is believed to have been the floor of a Banquet Hall in a Ptolemaic House in Alexandra. 


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