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What is a Pharaoh?


Geographically Outside Egypt:
The Egyptian Ruler is known as King or Pharaoh

Geographically Inside Egypt:
The Deities living representative within the Land

After Death:
Pharaoh becomes a Deity on behalf of Egypt


To Clarify:

  • Pharaoh had the jurisdiction to perform all necessary religious rituals on behalf of Egypt as a
    whole which was ennobled on Pharaoh at the Coronation
  • The Coronation Rituals literally re-enacted God Horus’ accession to the Throne of Egypt in place of his father Osiris
  • After Coronation, Pharaoh was the Deities living representative within the Land; and would become a Deity on death
  • Pharaoh was responsible for the maintenance of Ma’at throughout Egypt and this included ensuring the annual flood, the flood’s level and peace throughout the land
  • The collapse of the central government during the now known “Intermediate Periods” were considered times where Pharaoh had failed and Ma’at was no longer ruling throughout the land