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History Of Egypt

Unlock Egypt’s Past



  • Get to know the Pharaohs and meet their Great Royal Wives

  • Discover the Temples

  • Decode the Tombs

  • Explore the Capital Cities 

Egypt fascinates me

From Karnak Temple, the largest open-air Temple ever constructed . . . . .


flying over the Field of Reeds . . .


to the stunningly decorated Tomb of Pharaoh Seti I in the Valley of the Kings . . . . . 

past the Mansions of Eternity in Abu Simbel and into the Land of the Bow

Join with me as I journey through the History of Egypt, the thrall of an ancient civilisation which allows us today to be a spectator to 3,000 years of history

Giza is one of a number Pyramid Sites

Thebes is not the only home of the Gods

The Valley of the Kings does not hold all the ancient Tombs

The Egyptian Museum Relics in a Warehouse in Bolaq, Giza

The Inner Sanctum

Hieroglyphs from a Temple Wall 

Seal on Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Nilometer, Cairo

Great Royal Wife, Nefertiti

The King’s List, Abydos

Isis being raised to top of the Egyptian Museum