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KV11: Pharaoh Ramses III

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Pharaoh Ramses III

Born: Approx. 1217BC
Died: Approx. 1156BC in Thebes
Reigned: From approx. 1187–1156 BC
Throne Name: Usermaatre Meryamun; “The Ma’at of Ra is strong, Beloved of Amun”
Known for: Defeating the invading Libyans in Regnal Year 5, the Sea Peoples in Regnal Year 8, and the Libyans again in Regnal Year 11; and his Tree Planting, Trade and Building Programs

Relief of Pharaoh Ramses III

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Pictures from the Interior of Pharaoh Ramses III’s Tomb,
KV11 in the Valley of the Kings,
Theban Necropolis


2012 heralded the scanning of Pharaoh Ramses III’s Mummy by Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Sahar Saleem. The discovery, Pharaoh’s oesophagus and trachea were deeply cut, almost through to his spine at the very rear of his neck, and this would have killed him instantaneously. But not only had this awful fate ended Pharaoh’s life. It appears from the scan that Pharaoh was attacked by multiple attackers who inflicted multiple wounds simultaneously. The main other injury was that they had managed to hack off one of Pharaoh’s toes.

His Mummy showed that Embalmers had:

  • Added a prosthetic toe to replace his missing one and placed Amulets around the Feet and Ankles to allow the healing process to continue for Pharaoh
  • Packed the wound at his throat so his wound was not seen or noticeable for his journey to the Afterlife
  • Included Amulets to protect Pharaoh from Snakes. As Embalmers never added anything to the deceased’s body that they would not need in the Afterlife, we can safely conclude that Pharaoh was poisoned as well with snake venom.

Remember, the body that the Embalmers produced was the one which the deceased’s Ka (Soul) needed to recognise to allow their reuniting. The Embalmers were hugely and highly skilled at ensuring that any missing or irregular marks on the body, as in this case, were not prevalent enough to prevent this recognition.

Pharaoh Ramses III was buried with the highest care and attention in King’s Valley Tomb KV11 which is one of the largest Tombs in the Valley.

Pharaoh’s death almost prophetically ended the better times for Egypt and with the commencement of the Iron Age Egypt began to suffer from economic issues as they had no iron to export. Pharaoh Ramses III’s 31-year reign became known as the last reign of the great Egyptian Pharaohs.

Pharaoh Ramses III vs Sea Peoples - Medinet Habu Relief

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Interior Reliefs at Medinet Habu

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The Harem Conspiracy

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