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KV62: Funeral Goods

KV62 - King's Valley - The Valleys - The Places

The Tomb held 5,398 Objects



  • His infamous Death Mask, a Nest of Coffins, the exterior Sarcophagi
  • Thrones
  • Personal Dagger made out of the remains of a Meteorite
  • Wine and Food



  • Furniture
  • Chariots and Bows
  • Jewellery
  • Statues of the guards
  • Mummies of his children



  • Walking Canes
  • Chalices and Oils
  • Deity Statuettes
  • Clothing, Toe Caps and Sandals
  • Beds and their Headrests

It is believed that up to 80% of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Funeral Goods were not for him but were made for Queen Nefertiti who it appears took the Throne for a brief period after her husband and Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s fathers’ death

Pharaoh’s Throne


Decorated Meterorite Dagger

Pharaoh’s Beds

The Beds

These could easily be moved around when Pharaoh and the Royal Court moved from one Palace to another. Held together with Bronze Staples and Hooks, or bronze hinges they were literally ancient flat pack furniture!

Wood and Ivory Headrests

Bespoke and made to fit Pharaoh’s head exactly these headsets were used to rest your head on rather than pillows or any sort of softer materials.

Ivory Decorative Pieces & Ostrich Feather Fans

Ostrich Feather Fan

It appears that Pharaoh enjoyed hunting ostriches and then having their feathers made into Fans. An ornate Ostrich Feather Fan was placed inside the Tomb, made from 42 alternated white and brown feathers. The Fan’s handle informed Egyptologists that the Feathers were taken from Ostriches caught by Pharaoh while he hunted in the deserts near modern day Cairo: one side showing Pharaoh in his Chariot commencing the hunt, the other side showing him returning with the Ostriches.

Pharaoh’s Painted Wooden Box

This depicts Pharaoh Tutankhamun on his Chariot hunting and defeating his Asiatic and Nubian enemies. The ends show the Pharaoh as a Sphinx defeating his enemies


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