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The Buildings

Builders & Buildings


How was the Egypt we can explore today built?

The Djed

The Djed can be written and spoken of
The Djed is the very concept of stability
The Djed is the durability of Royalty,
the Priesthood and Egypt itself

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Temples Temples

Temples were the Mansion Homes of the Gods and Goddesses
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Mortuary Temples

Mortuary Temples were the home of the Cult of the deceased Pharaoh
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The Pyramids

At Giza, Saqqara and more. . . . .

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The largest and most famous Sphinx found to date in Egypt is the Great Sphinx of Giza.

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The Mastabas

The precursor to the mighty Pyramid, most Mastabas are in Abusir and Abugorab

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The Quarries

The Pharaohs of Egypt commissioned all Quarries and they produced stone for the construction of all Egypt’s monuments. 

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Boats of the Deities



Click on the Images to see how the changes in Statues in Egypt guides you through the different histroical periods in Ancient Egypt

Royal Palaces

The word Palace can be construed to mean something different to the Ancient Egyptians than we would use it for today. . . . .

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Including Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s tallest standing Obelisk in Egypt today

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Visit the Tombs in Saqqara, Luxor, Giza and more . . . . Click on the Image

Avenue of Sphinx

To see Karnak and Luxor Temples’ Avenues of Sphinx, click on the Image. 


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