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Birth Place of Isis, The Sacred Lake & Well

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“Castle of the Sistrum” or “Pr Hathor”, the House of Hathor

Birthplace of Isis

The Temple of Goddess Isis is in a poor condition. It lines up directly with the only other Gateway into the Temple’s Enclosure, the East Gateway. It is decorated to show the Goddess Isis giving birth inside the Temple’s Inner Sanctum although the Reliefs have been marred.

Image showing the East Gateway

Sacred Lake and Well

The Temple’s Sacred Lake is in the Enclosure’s south-west corner. The Lake had steps descending into the Sacred Lake from each of its 4 corners.

The Temple’s Well is the Lake’s neighbour in the south-west corner and was used in ancient times for the Priesthood’s fresh water supply and use within the Temple’s confines, although their staple drink would have been a weak beer as the Nile water could not be trusted to be free from disease.


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