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Shabtis & Canopic Jars

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Canopic Jars

During Mummification, Embalmers handled the Natron dried Organs of the deceased to be ritually placed into Canopic Jars which were guarded by the 4 sons of Horus and 4 Goddesses:

  • the Liver: guarded by God Imsety and Goddess Isis; Human headed Canopic Jar
  • the Lungs: guarded by God Hapi and Goddess Nephthys: Baboon headed Canopic Jar
  • the Intestines: guarded by God Qubehsenuf and Goddess Selket; Falcon headed Canopic Jar
  • the Stomach: guarded by God Duamutef and Goddess Neith: Jackal headed Canopic Jar


The tiny Statues known as Shabti represent the actual Courtiers and Servants that Pharaoh, and other members of the Royal Family or the Nobles, wanted to assist them in having their best Afterlife


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