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GEM - Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

Cairo - Capital Cities

What: The new Museum to house Egyptian antiquities, currently considered to be the largest archaeological museum in the world

Where: Giza, next door to the Pyramids

When: Construction commenced in 2012 and is due to open in 2022/2023

Who: Architect is Irish Company Heneghan Peng on behalf of the Egyptian Government

Why: Give a modern and thorough view of Egyptian history in a state-of-the-art museum with space to work on conservation while accommodating up to 5 million visitors per year


The Museum has been designed to be shaped as a Chamfer Triangle. The North and South Walls are directly in line with Khufu’s Great Pyramid at the Giza. 

The Exterior Walls are covered with their own Pyramids and the Main Entrance is covered with Cartouche’s of the Pharaohs. 

It also has a Glass Pyramid platform that overlooks the Giza Necropolis.


The Exhibits


  • Statue of Ramses II – gigantic statue which was moved from Ramses Square in Central Cairo to the GEM on 25th August 2006 and was televised – very unique experience to watch


  • Full exhibit on the whole Tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun; including 5,000 antiquities

  • Objects which have been suspended in storage from many areas of Egypt 


  • Solar Boat from the Giza Necropolis


  • this museum will be much easier to access as it is on the Cairo Ring Road 
  • next to the Giza Pyramids with roads already prepped for tourism 
  • 20 minutes’ drive from the new Sphinx Airport near 6th October City


  • 8 Restaurants
  • 28 Gift shops
  • 3D Cinema
  • Children’s museum

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