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The West Field

Cemeteries - Giza - The Places

The Burial Places of Royalty, Nobles, High Court Officials and their Families

Found behind Pharaoh Khufu’s Pyramid, to the West, holds Royal Tombs as well as those of High-ranking officials and Nobles of the Royal Court. The Cemetery is arranged along Avenues.

Tomb of Hemiunu: G4000

A Prince, a Vizier, a Priest of Thoth and Architect to Pharaoh Khufu, Hemiunu is believed to have been the brain behind the Great Pyramid of Giza, click here to find out more about his life. His Tomb included a hidden Statue, found in 1912 by Egyptologists inside his Cellar or Serdab part of his Tomb

Tomb of Raherka and Merseankh: D37

Believed to have been buried together as the Statue suggests, the married couple of Raherka the, “Inspector of Scribes of the Jackal” a high Administrative official and his wife, Meresankh the, “Pharaoh’s acquaintance” meaning that she had access to Pharaoh and his Palaces


Tomb of Princess Nefertiabet: G1225

A Mastaba Tomb which measures 24.25m by 11.05m for the daughter of Pharaoh Khufu of the 4th Dynasty. Parts of a White Limestone Coffin were located in the Tomb with a Pit which once held her Canopic Jars.

Tomb of Babaef II: G5230

Thought to be a Grandson of Pharaoh Khafre, and son of Prince and Vizier Duaenre, he served himself as Vizier to his cousin Pharaoh Shepseskaf. His Titles are numerous but an interesting one is “Overseer of all Royal Works”. Babaef’s Tomb contained several statues which had been broken apart.


Tomb of Senedjemib Inti: G2370

Buried next to his son, Senedjemib Mehi. Senedjemib Inti was Vizier to Pharaoh Djedkare during the 5th Dynasty. He was highly honoured by Pharaoh and when he died his son was given permission to use fine Tura Limestone for the construction of his Tomb at Giza.


Tomb of Senedjemib Mehi: G2378

Buried next to his father, Senedjemib Inti. Senedjemib Mehi was a Vizier for Pharaoh Unas during the 5th Dynasty and married into the Royal Family.  His wife was Princess Khentkaus, as shown in the Relief from his Tomb

Tomb of Seneb with his wife Senetites: G1036

Seneb was a High Official at the Royal Court of Pharaoh Khufu and maybe his successor Pharaoh Djedefre. He owned 20 Palaces and thousands of cattle which reflected his status as an Overseer of Palace Weavers, Palace Dwarfs, Crews of Ka Ship, as well as a Priest of Wadjet. He married a high-ranking Priestess of the Goddesses Hathor and Neither named Senetites and they appear to have been buried together. They are depicted in the Statue with 2 of their 3 children at their feet.

Tomb of Neferbauptah: G6010

A High Official of the mid to late 5th Dynasty period who served as a Priest during the reigns of Pharaohs Sahure, Neferirkare and Nyuserre. The Tomb retains a lot of colour compared to its equals and boats scenes of daily life as well as ceremonial life.



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