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Food & Drink - Ancient Egyptian Year

Water was the essential essence of Egypt.  The River was considered sacred and had its own Deity. Click here for more information about this. The Ancient Egyptian’s harnessing of the Nile River was key to Food and Drink being surplus for all the inhabitants of Egypt to enjoy.

So, how did they harness it?


The ingenuity of the farmer’s diverting of the Nile waters into their intricate irrigation canals made the very best use of the natural event of the Nile Flood. Religion insured that no one farmer would interfere with another’s water supply due to the penalty that the Gods would put on the cheater.

The responsibility of officials covered the following

  • to ensure that water was not wasted
  • the canals were kept in good working order
  • the building of state-sponsored canals
  • the maintenance of both public and private canals
  • fines were issued for improperly built or poorly maintained canals which wasted water
  • fines were issued for people who diverted water from others

The Wooden Water Wheel

Used through the additional of Clay Pots which would have collected the water and brought it to the surface. The Water Wheel would have been worked by animals or by hand if needed.

The Well Sweep

This is powered by humans only, but it takes very little effort to do so because of the manner of its construction. The bucket can be made of dipping bag can be made from Reed or Animal Skin and the counter balance is made from Mud. This was especially used to irrigate the fields when the Nile is at a low ebb.


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