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Bas Reliefs in Nefertari's Small Temple

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Bas Reliefs

Many of the Reliefs show Nefertari making offerings to Goddess Hathor, to whom the Temple is dedicated. Again, some of the reliefs on the surrounding walls portray Pharaoh Ramses II defeating his enemies in Libya, Nubia and famously at Kadesh.

The next intersecting Hallway is accessed via three large doors. The walls are covered with Bas reliefs showing Nefertari and Ramses giving Papyrus Plants to the Goddess Hathor who is shown in her animal form as a cow sailing on a boat.

To the left they are depicted with the God Horus and the divinities of the Nile Cataracts; Satis, Anubis and Khnum, where they make offerings to them.


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