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Opening of the Mouth Ceremony


When: After the Mummification Process is completed through time, from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Period

Who: Used by the Gods to open the Mummified person’s Mouth, after Mummification had taken place

Why: To allow their Soul to survive by drinking and eating in the afterlife as it needed to have food and water to survive

The Ceremony

The Ceremony was complex, using specialised tools, it had 75 Episodes:   



1 – 9                 Preliminary Rites

10 – 22             Animation of Statue

23 – 42             Meat offerings aligned with Upper Egypt

43 – 46             Meat offerings aligned with Lower Egypt

47 – 71             Funerary Meal

72 – 75             Closing Rites

The Sayings

Some of the saying were:

  • They are pleased as Guardians
  • I am Sekhmet – Wadjet who dwells in the West of Heaven
  • Atum has given me my Hands
  • Thoth has come fully equipped with Spells
  • My Mouth is Opened by Ptah

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