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Beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians


The Deities are the Supreme Beings of Ancient Egypt, but where did the Gods and Goddesses come from?

Ma'at: The Primary Belief

The worldly and afterlife core that was the central guide of Egyptian life and religion. Ma’at was so important that the concept was brought to life as a Goddess. The Goddess of Truth and Balance.

Supreme Beings

The Supreme Beings may be viewed in their human form, in their animal form and in their magical form depending on the magic purpose they were working to invoke

Domestic Religion

How the Ancient Egyptians worshipped their Religion in their Homes

The Servants

From the High Priest and Priestesses to the lowly Wab priest who swept the Temple. How did they serve the Deities and Pharaoh?

The Day : The Night

Composed by the God Ra: responsible for the Rising of the Sun to the Setting of the Sun

The Ancient Soul

Religion explained that the Ancient Egyptian Soul had 9 different parts, each one of which needed tending to


The Ancient Burial Rituals. But they were not just for the Royals, and they were not just for Humans

The Legend of Osiris

The Ancient Myth which illustrates the supreme importance of Ma’at and how following the tenants of the religion would allow Order to triumph over Chaos

Opening of the Mouth Ceremony

How the Ancient Soul looked to leave the Body and join the deceased

Weighing of the Heart

What happens in the Hall of Two Truths?

The Spells & The Books

Reading the Spells and the Book of the Spells explained how your Soul could travel on to the Field of Reeds

Flight for Resurrection

The Book of Gates: guarded by serpents who only let through those who are Pure to pass from one level or the next level

Aaru, The Field of Reeds

If your heart balances against the Feather of Ma’at then you start the journey to the Field of Reeds

Reliefs at Kom Ombo Temple

The Djed

Head of God Anubis on a Canopic Jar 

Great Temple, Abu Simbel 

The Inner Sanctum


Goddess Sekhmet, Temple of Kom Ombo

Giza Necropolis

Nilometer, Cairo

Great Royal Wife, Nefertiti

The King’s List, Abydos

Isis being raised to top of the Egyptian Museum


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