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General Nakhtmin

Military Personnel - The Military

Born in Akhmim, Nakhtim was a son of future Pharaoh Ay and Lady Tey who was wet nurse to future Queen Nefertiti. To learn more about his father, click here.

Nakhtim entered the service of the Crown in the Military as his father had before him. Pharaoh Tutankhamun, probably under his father’s influence, raised him to the rank of General and honoured him with the Titles:

  • “The true servant who is beneficial to his Lord, the King’s Scribe”
  • “The servant beloved of his Lord”
  • “The Fan Bearer on the Right Side of the King”
  • “The servant who causes to live the name of his Lord”

After Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s early death, General Nakhtmin became the Crown Prince and was in line to inherit the Throne of Ancient Egypt. It appears that he died before his father and did not live long enough to take up his own rule.  


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