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Monuments of Pharaoh Ahmose

Abydos - Capital Cities

Pharoah Ahmose was the founder of the New Kingdom Period in Egypt and its 18th Dynasty of Pharaohs. After his defeat of the Hyksos Dynasty who were ruling Lower Egypt, he reunified Egypt and built several monuments at Abydos, linking his reign with those of the earliest Pharaonic Dynasties. To learn more about Pharaoh Ahmose, click here.   

Unlike nearly every other Pyramid in Egypt, the Pyramid of Ahmose was built as a tribute and not a tomb as it does not have any burial chambers. At Abydos he also erected a handful of Chapels and a tribute Pyramid with enclosure for his grandmother, Queen Tetisheri, who ruled the Theban Court during the Hyksos wars. To learn more about Queen Tetisheri, click here.

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