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The People of Ancient Egypt

The People

Who are the people of this Ancient Civilisation?

The Pharaohs

Outside Egypt Pharaoh is the Ruler of all Egypt; Inside Egypt Pharaoh is the Deities living representative within the Land. Responsible for the running and safety of Egypt internally and externally, but above all upholding the maintenance of Ma’at

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Great Royal Wives

Ancient Egypt’s Queen, Consort and Regent


The Egyptian Title for the great Royal Wife or Chief Royal Wife of Pharaoh. The first out of all Pharaoh’s Consorts. Supproting Pharaoh in State craft, Religion and Diplomacy

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The Nobles

Ancient Egypt’s supporting cast of characters

In Ancient Egyptian hierarchical system Nobles could be equated as being equal to the Priesthood in most cases. Many of the Nobles who were located in and around the Royal Court were relatives of the Royal Family themselves . . . . . click on the Image to learn more

The Architects

Ancient Egypt’s Monumental Dreamers in Stone

The Architects from ancient times are not always known. It appears that Pharaoh’s appointed Vizier was often involved in any building project although this may have been in a administrative overseer capacity rather than as the actual Architect for the project. Click on the Image to learn more

The Viziers

Ancient Egypt’s Prime Minister

First in Line after the King of Egypt and was usually appointed by Pharaoh. His main role was as Chief Advisor to Pharaoh for issues throughout Ancient Egypt. By the New Kingdom Period the role was so large that Pharaoh appointed 2 Viziers, one for Upper Egypt and one for Lower Egypt. Click on the Image to learn more.

The Workers

Who built Ancient Egypt’s Massive Monuments in Stone? Who built the lost Mudbrick Palaces?

Click on the Image to see who built the Pyramids, who built the Palaces the Royals lived in, how they lived and worked. . . . .

The Artisans

Who decorated Ancient Egypt’s Massive Monuments in Stone? Who illuminated the lost Mudbrick Palaces?

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The Magicians

It has been proposed that deaths in Ancient Egypt due to Medical Procedures were lower than in any European or American Hospital until the mid 1900s. Why? Cleanliness Practises
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Interesting Characters

Which people throughout Ancient Egypt are those interesting characters who the standard Ancient Egyptian Histories fail to bring to the forefront? Click on the Image above to see more

The Neighbours

Who were Egypt’s Ancient Neighbours? The Nubians from the South; the Sea Peoples who were an amalgamation of peoples from around the Mediterranean Sea; the Libyans from the West; the Hittites  from the North; the Land of Punt which was reached via boat from the Red Sea; and the Assyrians from the North East. 

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