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Weighing of the Heart


The Hall of Two Truths

Who: Your Soul, located in your heart: the Ib

Why: Has to be weighed to find out whether you go to Aaru or Duat

Where: In the Hall of Two Truths, against the Ostrich Feather of Goddess Ma’at which was undertaken on The Great Golden Scale

What happens in the Hall?


Anubis lead the deceased’s Khat into the Hall of Two Truths. A queue of Souls standing in the Hall to await their Judgement. While wait they were attended by the Goddesses:

  • QEBHET, the daughter of God Anubis, the personification of cool water
  • NEPHTHYS, the sister of Isis, Osiris, Horus and Set
  • SERKET, the Goddess of Fertility, Nature, Animals, Medicine, Magic and Healing


The Soul would recite the Negative Confessions and would need to honestly claim that they had not committed sins saying, “I have not learnt the things which are not. I am pure.” Meaning that the Soul stove in life to devote itself to matters of lasting important rather than trivial matters.

The Great Golden Scale


The IB, holding your Soul, was handed to God Osiris who placed it on The Great Golden Scale, balancing it against the Ostrich Feather of Goddess Ma’at, the Feather of Truth.

If the Heart balances, then your Soul has led a virtuous life and the Gods conferred with 42 Judges. Once approved you are allowed to start the journey to the Fields of Reeds, using the Book of the Dead as your guide.

The Words

“May I Walk every day unceasing on the Banks of my Water,

May my Soul rest on the Branches of the Trees which I have planted,

May I refresh myself in the Shadow of my Sycamore”

What if you failed the Test?


If your IB was heavy against the Feather of Ma’at then it was unworthy and you will tip and fall into the Crocodile Jaws of the Demon Ammit, which is called the Second Death and your Soul is doomed in to stay in the Duat


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