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Aaru, Field of Reeds


What: The Heavenly Paradise

Where: Aaru was found in the East with the sunrise

When: The Soul rests in the heart: the weighing of the heart happened on death

Who: Ruled by God Osiris once he displaced God Anubis in Ogdoad or in the Ka of the Nile Delta

“Hail to you. You who shine in your Disk, a living Soul who goes up from the Horizon!  I know you and I know your name; I know the names of the second cows and their bull who gives bread and bee, who are beneficial to souls and who provide daily portions; may you give bread and beer and make provisions for me, so that I may serve you”
Papyrus of Ani

How do you reach Aaru?

After you die, your physical body is mummified and prepared to be buried. Your Soul, located in your heart, has to be weighed against the Ostrich Feather of Goddess Ma’at which was undertaken on a massive set of scales. There were then 2 outcomes:

If your heart balances against the Feather of Ma’at then you are allowed to start the journey to the Ammit, the Field of Reeds, meaning pleasure for all eternity. The journey has its own perils before the soul can reach Aaru as it has to pass through the Gates which are guarded by Demons with knives. If passed successfully, then the Soul and Body can be reunited in Aaru


If your heart was heavy against the Feather of Ma’at then you will tip and fall into the Crocodile Jaws of the Demon Ammit, which is called the Second Death and your Soul is doomed in Duat

What does Aaru look like?


Described as boundless fields of reeds on islands, with waterfalls and natural wonders.

All of which can be reached by boats, looks like the Nile Delta, meaning that Aaru is ideal for hunting and has boundless farming ground.

The Souls can live there with nourishment for all eternity.

Who can enter Aaru?


Everyone can enter Aaru:

  • Gods
  • Goddesses
  • Righteous Souls and
  • Pharaohs


Individuals who enter Aaru have gathered aspects that resemble them to the Gods, and they can convey their thoughts to the Gods and other deceased souls who have entered Aaru.

Afterlife’s Hierarchy


All with their own hierarchical levels depending on their Magic

Deceased Pharaoh
Who had become a semi-divine Deity or Akh Akhu 

Human beings who have been mummified correctly, lived according to Ma’at and so passed through the Hall of 2 Truths Tests; and had reached Aaru; of course, within this a hierarchy was established similar to that achieved in life


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