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19th Dynasty Pharaohs

The Pharaohs - The People

Pharaoh Ramses I

Click on the Image to learn about the First Ruler of the Golden 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh Seti I

Click on the Image to discover Pharaoh Seti I, who inherited the Throne from his father and is generally considered by Egyptologists to be the greatest ruler of the 19th Dynasty, despite his son’s title as Pharaoh Ramses the Great!

Pharaoh Merneptah

Click on the Image to enter the World of the son of Pharaoh Ramses II

Pharaoh Twosret

The only Female Pharaoh of this Dynasty, Twosret was a Princess, Great Royal Wife, Regent and then Pharaoh. Click on the Image to learn more about her unusual life at Court

Pharaoh Ramses II

Click on the Image to discover the Infamous Pharaoh who built many of the best known Monuments that remain standing in Egypt today

Pharaoh Seti II

No more than 2 years into his reign and probably while he was out of the country undertaking a Military Campaign in Asia, his half-brother, Prince Amenmesse, seized Upper Egypt and Nubia, and crowned himself as a rival Pharaoh. Click on the Image to learn how Pharaoh Seti II regained his Throne