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QV51: Queen Iset

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Titles: “Queen Consort of Egypt”, “Great Royal Wife”, “God’s Wife” and “King’s Mother”. She was also known as Queen Isis Ta-Hemdjert
Period: 20th Dynasty
Background: Queen Iset was of a Syrian origin based on her mother’s name of Hemdjert.  Iset was married to Pharaoh Ramses III and Mother of Pharaoh Ramses VI and Grandmother to Pharaoh Ramses VII and God Wife of Amun Iset, Prince Amunherkhepeshef and Prince Panebenkemyt

Her Tomb

Construction originally commenced during the reign of her husband, but on his death, it was finished by her son. Like so many other Royal Tombs, it was robbed in antiquity as was noted in the Tomb Robbery Papyri of later in the 20th Dynasty. She was buried in a Red Granite Sarcophagus of which fragments have been found only.

The Layout of the Tomb is an entrance corridor leading to a long corridor with 2 ante Chambers before ending in the Main Hall. The Corridor is decorated with the Queen making Offerings to the Gods Ptah-Sokar, Atum and Osiris; and on into the Main Hall she is shown with several more Gods, namely Ptah, Anhur-Shu and Atum. The ante Chambers are decorated with the Goddesses Neith, Isis, Nephthys and Serket.


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