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The First Eight - The Ogdoad


What:              The Eightfold: 4 Frog headed Gods and 4 Serpent headed Goddesses who are represented as pairs

Where:            Mainly worshipped in Hermopolis Magna but also had a Cult Centre at Medinet Habu in the later dynasties

When:             2686 – 2134 BCE—in the Old Kingdom

Who:               God Nu with Goddess Naunet who together represent the Primordial Waters

                         God Heh and Goddess Hauhet representing the Flood and the Eternity of life through rebirth

                         God Qerh/Amun and Goddess Qerhet/Amunet are thought to represent the Air

                         God Kek and Goddess Kauket portray the Primordial Darkness being known as the “Raiser up of the Light” and the “Raiser up of the Night”, respectively

The Story

One of the Origin Myths explains that the Ogdoad resided in the Primeval Waters of the original Chaos. They decided to combine their forces and by the Magic of the Heka, the Sun is birthed allowing some of the Waters to “dry”, forming the first “island”.


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