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Khendjer’s Complex

Saqqara - The Places

13th Dynasty Pharaoh Khendjer situated his Funerary Complex between the Pyramid Complex of Pharaoh Pepi II and the Pyramid Complex of Pharaoh Senusret III in the South of Saqqara. Although it is now ruined, it was once a True Pyramid with a height of 37.35m and a base of 52.5m, accompanied by a Mortuary Temple, 2 enclosure Walls, a second smaller Pyramid and a Chapel.

Enclosure Walls

The outside Enclosure Wall was constructed of Mudbrick while the inside Enclosure Wall was erected in Limestone with Niche’s built in. 

The North Chapel

Built abutting the Northern side of Pharaoh’s Pyramid, the North Chapel was raised on a platform which was reached via two sets of stairs. Internally the Chapel boasted Offer Bearing scenes most of which has been erased by time and the weather.

The Subsidiary Pyramid

Found in the north-eastern corner of the Complex, this Pyramid is accepted to have been erected for 2 of Pharaoh’s principal Queens; who would have been laid to rest in their Quartzite Coffins inside their own Burial Chambers and with their own Ante Chambers, but they never seem to have been used. This could be down to how Pharaoh Khendjer was ousted and his throne usurped. His successor may not have been willing to allow former members of the Royal Family to have a substantial and may be costly burial.

The Mortuary Temple

Little to nothing remains of the Temple apart from parts of Reliefs and some Columns.

Pharaoh’s Pyramid

As with most pyramids of the period, it was made using the materials of a Mudbrick Core and a Limestone outer layer. The Limestone was quarried out in antiquity leaving the mudbricks exposed to the weather which has reduced it to almost nothing. The most recognised item from the Pyramid is its Pyramidion which was made from Black Granite. Its reliefs show Pharaoh making Offerings to the Deities.


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