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Pharaoh The God


How & Why was the Egyptian Pharaoh considered a God by the Egyptian Populace?

Egyptians believe that each Pharaoh was a successor to the Gods and therefore, they were given their right to rule when the world was created.

The Pharaohs were considered Gods and were depicted in the God’s company in artwork in Palaces, Tombs and Temples throughout Egypt.

Embodiments of the Sky God of Kingship, Horus and children of the Sun God Ra, descendants of the God Amun, and was regarded as the first Pharaoh of Egypt.

The Pharaoh was the “Lord of all the sun disk encircles” and was regarded as the go-between for his people and the Gods.

The force of life was transferred from the Deities to the people of Egypt.


The Coronation of Pharaoh was not the creation of a God but the revelation of a God. The Pharaoh was the link between earth and the afterlife.

The Pharaoh’s very breath kept the 2 worlds from crashing together. Pharaoh could be described as half man and half god.

Pharaoh ensured his reign and his fitness to reign through the Heb Sed Festival. To learn about how the Deities continued to ensure Pharaoh’s reign through the Heb Sed Festival, click here.  

This trickled into the Royal Family who were also considered as semi-deity like and needed to behave as such. For example, Royal Princesses and Princes wore their hair in the Youth Knot to pronounce that the child is a legitimate heir of God Osiris.


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