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QV52: Queen Tyti

Queen's Valley - The Valleys - The Places

Titles: “King’s Daughter”, “King’s Sister”, “Queen Consort”, “King’s Great Wife”, “Great Royal Wife”, “King’s Mother”, “Lady of the Two Lands”, “Great King’s Mother” and “God’s Mother”

Period: 20th Dynasty

Background: Queen Tyti was a Sister and Wife to Pharaoh Ramses III and is the Mother of Pharaoh Ramses IV, Khaemwaset, Amunherkhepeshef and Rameses-Meryamen. She became Pharaoh’s Great Royal Wife after the death of his previous one, Queen Iset Ta-Hemdjert who resides in Queen’s Valley Tomb 51.

Tomb Layout: An Entrance way leads into a Corridor, Ante Chamber, a Hall and Burial Chamber

Tomb Decoration: Throughout the Tomb are images of its occupant, Queen Tyti. In nearly all these images she is depicted as wearing a long white dress which is translucent. Though in one, she is depicted wearing the Leopard Tunic of a Priest.

Ceilings are painted in beige with white stars on top, unlike the standard dark blue ceiling with yellow stars. Throughout the Tombs are the Goddesses Ma’at, Isis, Neith, Nephthys and Hathor, supported by the Gods Ptah, Thoth, Ra-Horakhty, Atum, the 4 sons of Horus, Horus, Nebneru

Later Tomb Use: The Tomb was reused in the Third Intermediate Period and it was during this time that a pit was dug inside the inner Chambers.


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