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Shunet El Zebib

Abydos - Capital Cities

The Middle Fort? Remains of a walled Mortuary Enclosure? An early type of Mastaba? Or an enclosed Village?

Egyptologists are now sure that this massive enclosure is the largest walled Mortuary Enclosure or Ka House that has been located before the Mortuary Temples built during the New Kingdom Period opposite modern-day Luxor. Erected in Mud Bricks for 2nd Dynasty Pharaoh Khasekhemwy this would have been the home of his Cult. The place to venerate the deceased Pharaoh and ensure that their name was remembered for, “Millions of Years”.

If the customs were the same as during the New Kingdom Period, then we know that the Cult of Pharaoh Khasekhemwy would have been established here before his death and usually all the Priests would be picked by Pharaoh directly for this purpose.

The structure was long thought to be a Fort because it had interwoven thick mud brick walls as many ancient Egyptian Forts have been found to have.


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