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The Inner Sanctum

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The most mysterious, religious and secluded part of the Temple. The actual Home of the Deities. Usually this secluded and sacred area was only allowed to be access by Pharaoh and High Priest or High Priestess. In Abu Simbel, Pharaoh Ramses II did things a little differently!

In this Great Temple, the Gods are not found in Statue form but rather they are all hewn out of the rock face and include Pharaoh in his deified form. Each is carved as a seated figure:

  • Far Right: Rahorakhty; main divinity for Heliopolis
  • Middle Right: Deified Ramses II
  • Middle Left: Amun Ra, main divinity for Thebes   and
  • Far Left: God Ptah, main divinity for Memphis

On the right hand side of the sanctuary is the etched name of the Egyptologist who cleared the Temple in 1817, Giovanni Belzoni.

Ramses’ Architects aligned the inner sanctum with the front of the Temple so the sun shines directly on to Rahorakhty, the Pharaoh and Amun Ra.

Allegedly to honour Ramses on the date of his birthday, 22nd October, and his coronation day, 22nd February.

The God Ptah remained in the shadow as he is connected to the Underworld and must remain there.


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