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Djoser's Complex

Step Pyramid & Complex -Saqqara - The Places

Great Trench: thought to potentially be a guard for the Pharaoh’s complex, the Trench is 40m wide and 750m long and remains the largest structure in the Necropolis.


The Complex
Built on a North-South axis, the Enclosure Wall surrounds the whole Complex. It was built of Tura Limestone, was originally 10.5m high and had 14 doors, only one of which was the actual complex’s entrance, the other’s being known as False Doors which only Pharaoh’s Soul or Ka could use.

The Architect
Imhotep, the World’s First Known Architect. The first Pyramid or even Monument to be designed out of cut stones rather than sun baked mud bricks or bedrock stones allowing higher and more durable structures. But not only did he design a new structure and concept, he also invented new tools, a new Nile water irrigation systems and new equipment. On top of this he wrote it all down allowing all following Architects to literally build on his theories and constructs.

Colonnade Court

Click on the Image to see images of the Colonnade Court

Heb Sed Festival Court

Click on the Image to see images of the Heb Sed Festival Court

Mortuary Temple Remains

Click on the Image to see images of the Mortuary Temple remains

Pharaoh's Serdab

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