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Horus Temple : The Inner Sanctum

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The Inner Sanctum

The visual impact of seeing even a replica of the Wooden Sacred Barque of the God Horus in its home, standing before the Golden Statue of the Granite God’s Home, and in situ; where it would have been kept by the Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years, is outstanding. This room is lit by 3 openings in its roof which only adds to the atmosphere which the Ancient Egyptians builders would have been looking to emanate.

Come with me as I guide you round the Layout of this stunning Temple. To do this, simply click on the part of the Temple below you would like to visit:



The Pylon         The Forecourt         Outer Hypostyle Hall         

Inner Hypostyle Hall & Corridor

Inner Sanctum         Passage of Victory & Nilometer         

Birth House


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