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Temple of Pharaoh Ramses II

Abu Sir and Abu Gorab - The Places

The Temples of Pharaoh Ramses II shows how this area was still being used, or at the very least, was still respected as a Necropolis over 1,000 years later. It was located approximately 500 meters to the Southeast of the Abu Sir Pyramids.

The vital statistics of the Temple are:

  •             52 meters long
  •             32 meters wide
  •             Dedicated to the Solar Deities: God Ra, God Amun and Goddess Nekhbet
  •             Large Forecourt which was substantially built with mudbrick and painted blue
  •             10 Limestone Columns surrounded the inside of the Forecourt Walls
  •             Behind the Forecourt was a ramp leading to the Inner Sanctuary which had 3 Chambers for the Deities
  •             Surrounded by Storage Buildings

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