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2 Birth Houses & a Coptic Church

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“Castle of the Sistrum” or “Pr Hathor”, the House of Hathor

Roman Birth House


Inside the Enclosure Wall, before the main temple, and to the right-hand side is a Roman Era Birth House where Goddess Hathor “gives birth” to other Deities including Horus who allows the Pharaoh, or in this case Emperor, to rule Egypt on behalf of the Deities.

This Birth House is thought to have been built by either the Emperor Trajan or the Emperor Nero. Inside there are 3 rooms one after the other with a False Door in the rear wall. The decoration is of the Emperor Trajan making his offerings to the Goddess Hathor.

The Birth House is covered with extraordinarily well preserved and its decoration is well worth being viewed.

Ptolemaic Birth House

This Birth House was originally 17m by 20m and had a triple shrine.

In between the 2 Birth Houses is the Coptic Church which was built in the 5th Century AD.

The Sanitorium

Built out of mudbrick this Sanitorium may be the only one inside the confines of an Ancient Egyptian Temple, it is the only one confirmed to date, but it would be very enlightening to fine another as excavations continue to be found. It is known that Pilgrims or Worshippers to the Temple site could use “sacred waters” to bathe in with the same water being poured over a statue which had magical spells etched into it to enact their “cure”. The Pilgrims could then spend the night in the Sanitorium for further “healings”.


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