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Vizier Imhotep

Vizier - The People

When: Third Dynasty


What: Vizier and High Priest, an architect, an engineer and a physician


Also known as: A philosopher who was given divine status after his death. He was considered the real Father of Medicine after his writing of a Medical Treatise and advanced theories that diseasea occurred naturally rather than as a punishment for sins


Served: Pharaoh Djoser


Vizier Imhotep personally designed and oversaw the construction of Pharaoh Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the precursor to the Pyramids at Giza


Imhotep’s complete list of titles was:


  • Vizier
  • Chancellor of the King of Egypt
  • First in Line After the King of Upper Egypt
  • Doctor
  • Hereditary Nobleman
  • Administrator of the Great Palace
  • Chief Carpenter
  • Chief Sculptor
  • Builder
  • Chief Maker of Vases