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The First Hall or Osiride Hall

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The Hypostyle Hall is 18m long and 16.7m wide

The middle walkway is graced with 8 Pillars depicting Osiris, the God of the Dead, Ruler the Underworld and the God of Resurrection

The 4 on the left-hand side shown with the White Crown of Upper Egypt and the 4 in the right-hand side shown with the Red Crown of Lower Egypt

Bas Reliefs

The Bas reliefs on the surrounding walls portray Pharaoh Ramses II defeating his enemies in Libya, Nubia and famously at Kadesh

Between the latter 2 of the Osiris statues is the one of the records of the Peace Treaty which Ramses signed with his neighbours the Hittites after the battle of Kadesh. To learn more about the Battle of Kadesh, click here.

Pharoah Ramses II in his Chariot with his Pet Lion


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