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Tombs of the First Pharaohs

Abydos - Capital Cities

The Tombs of the First Pharaohs were located at Umm El Qa’ab.

The Necropolis was used from approx. 2900-2686BC and was excavated in the 1890s by Émile Amélineau and in 1899-1901 by Flinders Petrie.

The Pre-dynastic Tombs include those of Pharaoh Scorpion I, Pharaoh Iry-Hor and Pharaoh Ka.

The 1st Dynasty Tombs includes Pharaoh Narmer, Pharaoh Aha, Pharaoh Djer, Pharaoh Dzer, Pharaoh Merneith, Pharaoh Den, Pharaoh Semerkhet and Pharaoh Kaa.

The later 2nd Dynasty Tombs include those of Pharaoh Peribsen and Pharaoh Khasekhemwy.

Was Human Sacrifice practised as part of the Funeral for 1st Dynasty Pharaohs?

Djer’s Tomb has 338 individual burials who have potential to have been sacrificed by strangulation, as their tombs were all closed at the same time.

Shabtis later represented the actual Courtiers and Servants that Pharaoh would need to use to have a relaxed afterlife.

Layout of the First Pharaohs Tombs

Blue = Temple/Tomb  :  Green = Temple/Tomb Complex  :  Orange = Other buildings


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