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The Places

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Luxor Museum

The Museum which displays a raft of artefacts from ancient Thebes. Including the Wall of Pharaoh Akhenaten; Canopic Jars; Statues; Coffins; Model Boats; Weapons and Mummies

Mummification Museum

The Museum concentrates on the art of Mummification, including: Mummies of animals; Tools and Materials used in Mummification; Canopic Jars; Shabtis and Amulets; & Coffins and their human occupants

King's Valley

Home to the infamous King’s Tombs including Pharaoh Tut!!

Deir el Medina, Village of the Artisans

Including: their Village; the First Recorded Strike; their Work in the Tombs of the Royals; their own Tombs; their Workers Huts; and their Temples

Queen's Valley

With the Tombs of: Princess Ahmose; Queen Sitre; Queen Nefertari; Queen Tuya; Queen Binatath; and Queen Meritamen, among others 

Malkata Palace City

The sprawling Palace City of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, including: the Harbour; the Palace; the Temple; the Sed Festivals; the People and his now fractured Mortuary Temple  

Deir el Bahri

Including the Mortuary Temples of Pharaoh Hatshepsut; Pharaoh Mentuhotep II and Pharaoh Tuthmose III

Theban Temples

Including the Temples of Luxor; Karnak; Isis; Malkata and Thoth

Noble's Valley

The places where the Nobles from the Royal Court were buried

Mortuary Temples

Including the Mortuary Temples of Pharaoh Ramses III; Pharaohs Ay & Horemheb; Pharaoh Amenhotep III; Pharaoh Merenptah; Pharaoh Thutmose IV; Pharaoh Amenhotep II; Pharaoh Seti I; Pharaoh Thutmose III; Pharaoh Ramses IV and Pharaoh Twosret


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