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KV34: Pharaoh Tuthmose III

King's Valley - The Valleys - The Places

Pharaoh Tuthmose III

Born: 1481BC, in Thebes
Died: 1425BC

  • Great Royal Wife: Satiah; sadly, died during Tuthmose III’s reign
  • Wife and then Great Royal Wife; Hatshepsut-Meryetre
  • Nebtu, mother of Nefertiri
  • 3 minor political wives: Princess Merti, Princess Menwi and Princess Menhet: buried together in a Cliff Tomb. Click here for more details about their Rock Cliff Tomb

Reigned: Official reigned from 1479 to 1425BC; actually reigned 1457 to 1425BC due to Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s claimed sole reign rather than regency
Name meaning: Menkheperre Tuthmose: “Eternal are the manifestations of Ra, Born of Thoth”

Pharaoh’s Mummy was not found in his Tomb but in the Mummy Cache at Deir el Bahri. It appears the Priests of Amun realised that his Tomb had been pillaged not long after his burial and were worried for his body, so they arranged for it to be moved and eventually it was re-homed with many other Royal Mummies in the Mummy Cache. To learn more about this Cache, click here

Life of Pharaoh Tuthmose III

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Pictures from the Interior of Pharaoh Tuthmose III’s Kings Valley Tomb, KV34



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