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The Pelusium Fort

Forts - The Military

This Fort was located along the top border of Egypt to protect the goods and military routes into the Nile Delta. It probably erected in the Middle Kingdom Period of Ancient Egypt and remained as a significant and occupied Fort for more than 1,000 years. It’s Gates and Towers were built out of Limestone whilst other materials discovered on site have been Copper Ore, Basalt, Granite, Quartzite, Diorite and Marble.

The Pelusium Fortress was a trade centre in itself over land and by sea as it was surrounded on its land-based side by sand dunes and on its water side by the Nile. The trade was in the main between the Levant and Egypt itself. Around the Fortress independent settlements sprung up to support the Fort’s inhabitants. These grew to encompass a huge amount of land over time and supported all forms of life including textiles, pottery, animal husbandry and, metallurgy which spread inside the Fort as well.

The decline of the Fortress may be attributed to a variety of local, natural, and international situations:

        • Fires
        • Tectonic movements in the plates such as earthquakes
        • Decrease in Trade
        • Plague arrived in the Mediterranean
        • The conquest by the Persians
        • The commencement of the Crusades by the European Christians

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