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Abusir & AbuGorab

The Places


What: “The House of Osiris”. Home to 14 Pyramids: unfortunately, these were made with lesser stone than those of their neighbours and so most have not survived. Although cemeteries and tombs have remained surprisingly intact with many parts of the Mortuary Temples and Sun Temples still remaining

Where: North of Saqqara but South of Giza and almost opposite Memphis. As with nearly all Burial Sites, it is located on the Western side of the River Nile

When: From the beginning of the 5th Dynasty but also continued on until the 26th and 27th Dynasties

Who: Mainly the Royalty of the 5th Dynasty but also for Nobility, Priests and Officials

Why: Thought to have been used after the Necropoli at Giza and Saqqara were “full”


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What: The residence of 2 Solar Temples: The largest and well-preserved Solar Temple of Pharaoh Nyuserre and the Solar Temple of Pharaoh Userkaf, both of the 5th Dynasty; as well as an early cemetery

Where: North of Abusir and Saqqara but South of Giza. As with nearly all Burial Sites, it is located on the Western side of the River Nile

When: From the 1st Dynasty to the end of the 5th Dynasty

Who: Middle Ranks of Society from the 1st Dynasty and Royalty of the 5th Dynasty

Why: Not really known why this site was chosen in the 1st or in the 5th Dynasties. For the 5th Dynasty it can be logically explained that there was more room here to construct the large Sun Temples which seem to be needed to be separate from any Pharaoh’s Mortuary Complex


The Cemetery from the Early Dynastic Period

A cemetery for the Middle Ranks of Society was formed here during this period – 3100 to 2900BC. After excavations, Egyptologists have confirmed that nearly everyone buried here was from the middling ranks of society. This can be confirmed by the level of Funerary Equipment buried with them and the way and expense with which they were mummified. After the 5th Dynasty, the cemetery became obsolete

The exciting news is that there are potentially 6 Solar Temples on the site at Abu Gorab, but only 2 have been discovered so far!


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