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20th Dynasty Pharaohs

The Pharaohs - The People

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Pharaoh Setnakhte

Who was this shadowy figure? A usurper? A grandson of Pharaoh Ramses II from a minor branch? Or an interloper who married into the Royal Family?

Pharaoh Ramses III

The man who only wished to live up to his namesake but was almost certainly murdered in a plot to put a son who was not his heir onto his Throne

Pharaoh Ramses IV

The Pharaoh who gave even more power to the Priesthood than his father had done and began a massive building program but he also suffered with unpaid food salaries as his father had

Pharaoh Ramses V

He presided over an instability which settled over Egypt, mainly blamed on continued Libyan incursions and which Pharaoh was not well enough to handle as he soon died of smallpox

Pharaoh Ramses VI

This Pharaoh managed to push back the raids on Upper Egypt that were being made by marauding parties to ensure the safe, if late, burial of his late nephew

Pharaohs Ramses VII & VIII

Pharaoh Ramses VII reigned for about 7 years and had a tumultuous time due to escalating grain prices, whilst his uncle Pharaoh Ramses VIII remains an ever-shadowy figure

Pharaoh Ramses X

Pharaoh Ramses X reined for about 4 Regnal Years. His parentage is unknown, and no reliable administrative records have been found. His prepared Tomb was number KV18, but it does not appear that he was ever buried inside.

Pharaoh Ramses IX

His reign was consumed by the discovery that the Valley Tombs of the Pharaohs, their Queens and their Nobles had been consistently robbed by Tomb Robbers

Pharaoh Ramses XI

His reign was full of power struggles between the up and coming rulers of Egypt, different rulers in Upper Egypt in Thebes and one set of emergent rulers in Lower Egypt at Tanis


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