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18th Dynasty Tombs

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There have been 65 Tombs dated to this period and they have tended to be vertical Shaft Tombs, with Chambers leading off of the Shaft with little to no decoration. They often played host to an unknown Tomb occupant and the Tomb has later been identified by Egyptologists through Grave Goods found inside. The deceased usually were Lower Royals and Court Members.

Nebiri, Superintendent of the Royal Stables for Pharaoh Thutmoses III

Located on the south slope of the main Valley

Its Layout is of a single, rectangular-shaped Chamber with a vertical Shaft

When excavated, the remains of 2 mummies were located with Grave Goods of Terracotta Vases and a Canopic Jar


Imhotep, Vizier, Governor of the City of Thebes & Judge for Pharaoh Thutmoses I

Located on the south slope of the main Valley

Its Layout is of a simple Shaft Tomb with a single Chamber

It has been confirmed that Imhotep was also a Tutor to the Princes

When excavated, Imhotep’s mummy was found with Grave Goods of baskets, wooden boxes, part of a Canopic Jar and mummified ducks in boxes

Ahmose, Princess: Daughter of Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao and Queen Sitdjehuty of the 17th Dynasty

It is believed to be the earliest Tomb to have been hewn in the Valley. It appears that Princess Ahmose outlived her parents, her sister, Queen Ahmose Nefertari, and her half-brother, Pharaoh Ahmose I; who was the first Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. It appears that she was buried in QV47 during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmoses I

Located in the Valley of Prince Ahmose

Its Layout is of a single, rectangular Chamber with a Shaft for access

When excavated, her mummy was located with parts of her Coffin, and Grave Goods of leather sandals and some Chapters of the Book of the Dead written on Linen


Ahmose, Prince: Son of Nebesu; Pharaoh Nebesu was not named as a Pharaoh for the 18th Dynasty. It could be that this was a localised governate

Located in the Valley of Prince Ahmose, whose Tomb named this sub-Valley

Its Layout if of a vertical Shaft with a single Chamber

When excavated, no mummy was found although remains of Mummy Wrappings were along with Grave Goods of Shabti’s, Canopic Jars, and Alabaster and Glass Jars


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