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Philae: Hypostyle Hall

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Hypostyle Hall



The Hall has 8 Columns which are all decorated with Reliefs, along with the Walls. The Reliefs include:

  • The God Horus is shown seated on a bench with the Goddesses Nephthys and Isis who offering the Crowns of Lower and Upper Egypt
  • The Source of the Nile: showing the God of the Nile with a snake curving round his body, pours water from 2 unending jars onto the Nile bed from under the rocky outcrop that is his home
  • The God Thoth and Goddess Seshat write Pharaoh’s name on a Palm Tree branch
  • The Tomb of Osiris with his earthly body being carried by a crocodile
  • Pharaoh making offerings of Land
  • God Osiris’ soul, the form of a bird, being worshipped by the Goddesses Isis, Hathor, Nephthys and the Gods Horus and Amun

It was in the Hypostyle Hall that the Coptic Christians set up their Altar for their Church.


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