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Buildings - Builders & Buildings

Without the Boats that the Builders utilised, no buildings would have been created 


There are different types of Boats that the Egyptians built: 

Boats for transport. Boats for construction. Boats for the Deities.

Cedar Wood Boats of Pharaoh Senusret III found at his Dahshur Pyramid Complex from the 12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom Period

2 Cedar Wood Boats from a collection of 6 which were located at the Dahshur Pyramid Complex of Pharaoh Senusret III. These were carved and erected during the Pharaoh’s reign of the 12th Dynasty in the Middle Kingdom Period. Although we cannot be sure, these boats were probably used in his Funeral and then purposed to be reused by Pharaoh as his Solar Barques to allow the deceased Pharaoh to join the Afterlife and be reborn like the Sun God Ra each day

Boats for Construction


Boats of the Deities

There were two forms of Boat or Barque for the Deities: a floating full-size Boat and a Sacred Barque which was a miniaturised form to hold the Statue of the Deity.

1.) The Religious Artefact of the Deities which allowed their physical form in the guise of a cult statue to move around during Festivals and for other religious reasons

2.) The Vessle which carried the deceased Pharaoh on the journey from being a Human Royal to being a Deity

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Boats for Transportation



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