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The Nobles

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Ancient Egypt’s Supporting Cast of Characters

In Ancient Egyptian hierarchical system Nobles could be equated as being equal to the Priesthood in most cases. Many of the Nobles who were located in and around the Royal Court were relatives of the Royal Family themselves in some degree and could be classed as the higher class of Nobles.

But these were not the only Nobles. Egypt was run by localised Nobles who worked as the connection between the Royal Family and the General Populace. If not working for the Government or the Nomes directly then the Nobles would be providing land and work to the Working and Farming populace which in turn they then paid taxes back to the Government and Military Service to the Pharaoh, Vizier and State.

From every Capital City that has been excavated it is known that the Nobles lived in large Villas along the Nile in order to catch any river bound breeze. The homes were either painted white or lined, if they could afford it, with White Limestone to ensure a cooler atmosphere inside. Their homes usually had a garden where they could relax with their family.

The Nobles who were engaged directly by the Royal Family were involved in a huge variety of careers from Nomarchs to Military Leaders to Grain Overseers.

Amarna Nobles

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Vizier Rakhmirem

Clcik on the image to visit the World of the Vizier

Malkata Nobles

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The Harem Conspiracy

The Conspiracy which killed Pharaoh Ramses III, click on the image to play detective

Noble Senenmut

Click on the image to find out about Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s High Steward

Noble & Vizier Ay

Click on the Image to learn about the brother of a Queen who went on to inherit the Throne after his great-nephew’s death

Imhotep, World's 1st Architect

Click on the Image to find out about Pharaoh Djoser’s High Priest

Vizier Ptahhotep I

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