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The City

Amarna - Capital Cities

Who: Conceptualised and built by Pharaoh Akhenaten

What: Capital city of Egypt and became home to 30,000 people

When: 18th Dynasty – Built between 1348 – 1344 BC: Abandoned after Pharaoh Akhenaten’s death 1336 BC

Called: Tell el-Amarna or Amarna : named after the Beni Arman Tribe that lived in the region when it was discovered

Why: Primarily to dedicate a new City to his “revised religion” of the Aten, the one God instead the many

Where: East bank of the Nile: 194 miles/312km South of Cairo and 250 miles/402km north of Luxor

Destroyed under Order of
Pharaoh Horemheb 1320 – 1292 BC

The Layout

Click here or on the image to understand the Layout of the City at Amarna

The Construction

Click here or on the image to understand how and who constructed the City at Amarna


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