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TT3 - Tomb of Peshedu

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Peshedu, “Servant in the Place of Truth”

His tomb has a background of bright yellow as are most of the Workers Tombs, although this Tomb is very vivid. Its drawings, paintings, and reliefs are from the Book of the Dead in order to offer assistance to Peshedu after his death to ease his path to the Field of Reeds.

The deities depicted are numerous and include Osiris & Isis, Nut & Nu, Nephthys & Geb, Anubis & Wepwawet, Horus & Rahorakhty, Atum & Khepri, Thoth & Hathor, Ptah & Neith.

From Left to Right: Goddess Nut, God Rahorakhty, Goddess Hathor and God Thoth

Peshedu and his Family


He lived during the Ramesside Period and decorated his Tomb keeping his family in his mind, as was the style at the time. His wife Nedjemtebehdet is always shown within the Tomb as wearing the finest of her clothing, her long curly wig, large earrings and with a Perfume Cone on her head; showing how Peshedu always wished to remember her.

This image of the large Udjet eye depicted in the Tomb is of particular note



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